Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Royal Society of Medicine

Whilst I was working as an Associate Director at Dyer in 2010, I designed a new raked lecture theatre within an existing room and a new glass floor breakout / lounge area for The Royal Society of Medicine in London. The project was put on hold for a year and by the time it started up again I had already left and set up Design-Cubed with Mark. However, I maintained a role for Dyer to oversee the overall design as the project was constructed. Works are now close to complete and I'm extremely happy with the result! 

Since this is after all supposed to be at least in part a Revit Blog for the record  I produced the initial concept using Sketchup but quickly moved to building the design in Revit to be able to make quick and accurate changes as the design and brief developed. Working drawings were produced (not by me) in AutoCad.

The images and photos below show some of the design images from Revit and are followed by photographs of before and after.. Hope you like it!

Design Rendering for the new Lecture Theatre

Revit image for new glass-floored hotel lounge

Revit image showing the lecture theatre 'insert' and access ramp

Before and after photographs of the new lecture theatre - "The Wimpole Room"

Before and after photographs of the new glass floored hotel lounge

Photographs of the refurbished circulation space around the lounge

Photograph of the atrium below the glass floor (timber panels and ramp are new and provide entrance to the new lecture theatre)

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