Monday, 6 February 2012


Last week was quite a week and it neatly summarised the variety of work that we're engaged in now, coining the title of Rem Koolhaus's book S,M,X,XL (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large - okay I admit I'm stretching it here a little) here's what I was working on..:

The crash pad in Paddington (see our website: is now nearly completed. At less than 50 sqm and just over 4m high overall this is a project which is tight for space into which we've squeezed a mezzanine floor with a bedroom and spare fold down bed sleeping area. In spite of the low ceilings the result feels surprisingly spacious thanks to the open layout at ground level and a the central double height space.

My house continues to move forward and I'm still spending a lot (too much?) of my time on it - visiting site and organising materials (trying to haggle deals from suppliers in order that I can afford to finish it the way I would really like). Today's an exciting day (weather permitting with snow on the roads) as the huge sliding folding doors are due to arrive and then we will truly be wind and weather tight..

I'm back working with my old employers, Dyer, as a consultant on a project for the Royal Society of Medicine. I worked on it as the project architect for Stage C (Concept Design) 12 months ago and after a delay while the client organised funding it is back and full steam ahead. The project includes conversion of an existing period style room into a state of the art raked lecture / conference theatre and the infill of a double height space over the foyer with a glass floor for breakout..

Through our friends at KDS Associates we were asked to produce a concept idea for Criterion Capital (a London based developer with a large and exclusive property portfolio) for a residential tower scheme in Colliers Wood, South London. I worked a quick initial concept up using Revit (use of curtain wall systems and interchangeable families to create the facade detail) and here's the result..

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